Windows 10: Menus

In bitsofMine for Windows 10, there are two key menus you should be aware of: The navigation menu and the action menu.

  • Navigation menu triggered by the “hamburger” button

    You will find the hamburger button in the upper-left corner of bitsofMine’s timeline.

    Ok, by now you probably know why the hamburger button is universally known as the hamburger button, but in case you don’t: it’s called hamburger button because it’s shaped like a hamburger. Sorry to say that usually it doesn’t order a meal for you.Apart from the name, the rest is pretty straightforward: when clicked/tapped you will be presented with bitsofMine’s main menu. From here,
    * you can open the map that displays all the locations from your content,
    * you can navigate to your tags’ page where you can filter your content based on the tags you have assigned,
    * you can move to the storage manager where you can do backup & restore, clean up your data or view where your data is stored,
    * you can view the InfoGraphics which give you some surprising insights into your data,
    * you can open bitsofMine’s settings, or
    * you can view information about bitsofMine incl. our privacy policy.

    And please keep in mind that this main menu -and hence the button- only exists on the timeline.12030365_396502157215552_5264813114543316091_o

  • Action menu triggered by the “more” button

    You will find the more button in the lower right corner. In case you can’t spot it immediately: The more button is spelled “…”. Again: “…” 🙂

    The more button replaces the bottom swipe gesture with which you could bring up the app bar on Windows 8. As before, the app bar shows you all the actions that are relevant for the current view. Depending on the current view, actions may for example include import, delete, rotate, share/upload, etc.You can find a brief video about the action menu on our Facebook page:

With the help of both the navigation menu and action menu, you will be able to access most of bitsofMine’s functionality. Just try them out.