Features in a nutshell

Have you ever asked the question “I know I have this picture, but where do I have it”? Then this is the solution for you.

With bitsofMine:

  • Collect your photos and videos from digital cameras, smartphones, and services. Effortlessly.
  • Collect your items from your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Plus the feedback from your friends. Yes, you will still have it even if the “cloud” is gone.
    • As of August 1, 2018, we terminated support for Facebook and Twitter. We hope to be able to restore such support some time in the future.
  • Have all your memories in one location. And one location only.
  • Get your memories organized. Automatically.
  • Share your memories. With one click.
  • Use a touch-optimized user interface to browse all your memories.
  • Use full-text search to find memories.