Amidst all the migration to Windows 8.1 turmoil, we almost forgot to tell: bitsofMine has been accepted for the 2014 App Awards in Finland! Lovely!!!

Competing with the likes of “Hill Climb Racing” in terms of number of downloads is definitely a tough call, but we are not giving up without a fight! So if you haven’t downloaded bitsofMine to your Windows 8/RT/8.1 machine yet, help us out and do so now. It’s in color. It’s touch. But best of all: bitsofMine is free!

And in case you already downloaded bitsofMine, thank you for doing so!!!

But don’t be shy, don’t stop there: talk to this gorgeous lad/lady you see in the internet cafe, the one with the Surface 2 I mean. Congratulate him/her on his/her outstanding taste and intellect, and then recommend bitsofMine to him/her. 🙂

Thanks for your support!