bitsofMine makes it easy to collect your memories from various sources with 0-click effort. It sorts everything automatically into time-based folders. It allows you to casually browse your memories while swiping on one continuous timeline. And you can time travel to dates directly. Neat.

But one thing is definitely missing: Search.

Ladies and Gentlemen, starting today bitsofMine comes with <drumrolls> Search! ­čÖé

We could have easily┬áimplemented a basic fulltext search that just scans your memories and return all the hits back to you. And probably that’s already quite helpful. But we considered that to be a bit lame ­čśë

So instead we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves: Larry and Mark know everything about you and use that information to come up with advertisements. How can we turn the table and use the information Larry and Mark have to help you? And we implemented our first attempt at an answer.

What the answer is? We could start talking about metadata, usage information, tfidf (never mind if you don’t know what that is), and MykaRank. Plus we could write down some long formula with square roots. Lots of square roots.┬áThat would be cool. But it wouldn’t matter.

What matters is whether Search finds what is relevant for you! If it doesn’t the number of square roots we are using is quite unimportant. Isn’t it?