What’s in a feature list?

Today is a day I’m really proud of: we just submitted our new bitsofMine release for certification to the Windows Store. And it’s a release that I personally consider to be the best we have done so far.

Swiping the timeline is now much smoother. *Much* smoother. *Much* *much* smoother! 🙂

And: we have added 1-Click Maintenance! 1-Click Maintenance, what’s that? Every now and then, it will be handy to do a cleanup, for example

  • if you have deleted some files from your bitsofMine folder instead of from the app
  • if you have renamed files in the file system
  • if you have added photos to the bitsofMine folder directly
  • if you have changed your display to a display with a different resolution, etc.


1-Click Maintenance will do the necessary changes in the bitsofMine app so you don’t have to do any cumbersome cleanup yourself.

But it was also interesting to realize that no matter how valuable these changes might be to users, these are the kind of features that rarely make it to a press release. That’s a pity. But luckily we don’t have a Marketing department yet that could be upset now 😉

Cheers from sunny Espoo!


PS Thanks to the guys at the Microsoft Windows XAML team with whom I had the pleasure to discuss at Build 2014: We could not have done the timeline improvements without your expertise and willingness to share information!