Phew. What a Summer it has been!

Last time I had a look at the calendar it was August 2. We had just issued release 15 of bitsofMine and Summer in Finland was in full swing. My personal celebrations in the aftermath of this year’s football world cup were starting to slow down, at least a bit, and full focus shifted to bitsofMine again.

Today, it is October 24. More than two and a half months after release 15. And today, we released our release 17.

2.5 months for 2 releases is an awful long time! Especially given that our goal always was and still is to issue a new meaningful release every 2-3 weeks. Probably, it would sound way cooler if I added that we spent two out of these 2.5 months surfing the Mentawai islands. But we didn’t. We spent most of the time developing bitsofMine.

So what on earth took us so long? Basically just two things: support for *long* timelines (= large collections) and support for backups.

Both are what product dudes call “hygiene features”. Right. But both are darn important features for a digital shoebox. A shoebox needs to be big enough to store all the stuff that matters to you and a digital shoebox requires backups. Again: a digital shoebox requires backups. Fast backups. Reliable backups. Easy backups and restores.

And to be honest, some of the earlier shoebox size limitations were noticed by one of our users before we did. We thought we had large test collections ourselves. But her collection was way bigger. What a fantastic challenge!

Looking forward to the next challenges, whether or not they can be solved in two weeks! 🙂

Have a great Autumn!