bitsofMine for Windows 10?!

By now, Windows 10 is quite old news already: Many of us have it on our machines and use it on a daily basis. But what about bitsofMine on Windows 10?

Well, the ones who are running Windows 10 and have installed bitsofMine on it already know: technically, bitsofMine is “working” on Windows 10. But the user experience is suboptimal, to say the least.

bitsofMine has been designed with Windows 8 in mind, it targets fullscreen mode and works best with touch interaction. When you run bitsofMine (or any Windows 8 app) on Windows 10, you will always get the app in a window, interaction with the app suddenly brings up scrollbars in places where there haven’t been any on Windows 8, thumbnails are smaller than they could and should be, interaction elements look out of place etc. In short, the app just feels weird.

So why isn’t there a Windows 10 version yet? Well, to be honest, building such a Windows 10 version is not that trivial. Even when attempting to just preserve the existing look and feel, Windows 10 requires many changes and a lot of exploring while developing. I won’t bore you with the details, but on a high level it might be fair to say that when launching Windows 10, Microsoft was keen on keeping the July deadline. Giving Windows 8 developers a head start wasn’t on top of Microsoft’s priority list this time. So like everybody else, developers had to wait for launch day before we could know for sure what we are dealing with.

But now for the good news: For the last couple of months we were working full speed on a Windows 10 version of bitsofMine! By now, we have been able to address the biggest migration issues, bitsofMine for Windows 10 runs nicely on our development machines and we are confident that we will have the release finally ready for the store in October! 🙂

We definitely would have preferred to be ready at launch date of Windows 10, but sometimes gravity gets in the way of our wishes. 😉

Stay tuned !