bitsofMine for Windows 10!

Finally, bitsofMine for Windows 10 is available from the Windows Store!

Ok, that’s not exactly new news: The version has been in the Windows Store since the end of October. But in this case, we wanted to do a rather silent launch and see whether there’ll be any unwanted or unexpected side effects of this new version. Looks like there isn’t 🙂

So what’s new in this version: If you have been a bitsofMine user since the days of Windows 8, you might want to learn about the new menu setup here. In short, if you want to navigate to a specific page, you should tap the hamburger button in the top left corner of the timeline. If you want to trigger a specific activity, you should tap on the action button (“…”) in the bottom right corner of your screen. That sounds a bit confusing at first, but hopefully it will feel straightforward after a few taps.

And what’s new in this version in terms of features? Probably the most prominent addition is the addition of a slideshow feature. Slideshow in our case means almost three different things: When you’re viewing the timeline, you will be able to play a random selection of photos. That is, you start the random slideshow (“random bits”) from the navigation menu and bitsofMine will play back a random selection to you.

Apart from the random slideshow, you can also trigger a slideshow of all photos with a given tag. You can trigger that feature from the tag view.

And you can do an exhaustive slideshow with all photos in time sequence: Just tap on the starting photo in the timeline and once the photo opened in full screen display, select the slideshow feature from the action menu.

And since Windows 10 is less touch focused than Windows 8.1 was, we also added support for a small selection of keyboard shortcuts. Please see a summary of these shortcuts here. Don’t you worry, we will still focus on touch in bitsofMine, but we just wanted to give you the option 🙂

Have fun!


PS We have heard that bitsofMine for Windows 10 can also be successfully installed on Windows Phone 10. Please be warned that we haven’t seen it ourselves yet -and we certainly haven’t tested it…