…store my data?

In short, bitsofMine stores all your data on your local drive. bitsofMine doesn’t store any of your data in the cloud by default.

More specifically, all your memories are stored in the place you selected when running bitsofMine for the first time. In the folder you selected, bitsofMine creates a “bits of Mine” folder with subfolders for years and months underneath. Your photos, status updates, and tweets are stored in the matching folders based on their timestamps.

So if your photo “Best Photo Ever.jpg” was taken on May 24, 2012, you can find it in
<selected folder>\bits of Mine\2012\05

You can view your data and you can copy it from there. But currently we recommend against manipulating your data in these folders: if you rename, delete, or move your data in the file system directly, bitsofMine will not be aware of any such changes and in the worst case bitsofMine might stop working.

Please note that you can, of course, circumvent our rule of not storing your data in the cloud: when you select a folder that happens to be located in the cloud, such as a OneDrive folder, your data will be stored in the cloud according to your preference.