Instagram anyone?

And so the bitsofMine story continues.

We started bitsofMine with support for digital cameras and Facebook “only”. In version 1.1 we added Twitter. Now in version 1.2¬†we added your local camera roll and Instagram. I guess you can see the pattern…!? ūüėČ

But what else is there in bitsofMine1.2?

bitsofMine has now become Windows 8.1 native. Hopefully that is something you will not notice. But please let us know if you do: Microsoft has changed a lot in Windows 8.1 and we might have missed something.

Probably you will notice some major UI changes though: the date selector changed, we integrated live tiles, most of the icons changed, animations changed, the background for single items changed, and the text overlays in the timeline changed.

Yes, text in the timeline¬†became huge -and better readable at the same time. Why? We felt that text is really¬†ultra important for bitsofMine, because many times text is what makes the difference between a photo and a memory.¬†BTW in case you didn’t know it: you can change the name of any photo in the single item view instantaneously. When you change its name there, the new name will automatically be¬†propagated to the timeline. And the file name of the photo will get updated, too.

One word still about live tiles: I know that sometimes live tiles can be annoying, especially when some random content is shown. So we did better than that. Instead of showing random content, we show memories that¬†are relevant. Did we succeed? Check it out and let us know! ūüôā

Have a great weekend!